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Popular Argentine Tango figures use around 9 different “entradas o salidas” (ways of starting the dance) and about 13 “elements"
“Entradas or salidas” combined with 1, 2, 3 or more "elements" at a different time or at the same time depending on the creativity of the dancers is what conforms this dance style.
It is normally danced either in an open embrace (connected at arms lengths) or close embrace (chest-to-chest). 
As there are 7 types of Tango, Canyengue, Liso, Salon, Orillero, Milonguero, Nuevo, and Show Tango.

Jorge Geronimo & Ping performance "The Tango " film scene Shanghai, China

Jorge Geronimo & Andriza Freitas, Shanghai, China

Jorge Geronimo & Andriza Freitas performance, @ "Vargas" Shanghai, China

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