Of the several popular Salsa styles the 3 that you may want to learn or reinforce with us are:

1.-LA Style - The most widely used form of Salsa is the LA style. It travels on linear mode or slot, accentuating or dancing on the beat "1” of each measure of music,
2.- New York Style - This form of Salsa  travels in linear and semi- rotation mode and is danced on the upbeat or “breaking on 2”
3.-Cuban Style – This form of Salsa is the fun and happy one. The Cuban Style is danced on “2” as well but the patterns travel more roundly with left and right full rotations.

Jorge Geronimo & Glaucia  performing @ the Celebrity


TShow" Wu Lin Da Hui " , all dancers performances


choreographed by Jorge Geronimo. Shanghai, China.

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