Of the several East Coast Swing (sometimes referred to as "Jitterbug", or "ECS") is a 6-count swing dance invented by the ballroom dance schools, based on Lindy Hop patterns, Fox Trot and Cha-Cha footwork, and latin dance stylings. There are two main divisions in styles of this dance. One of these two styles is the "ballroom style" which is danced with an erect posture with latin hip movements, is usually not dance in a slotted pattern, and relies heavily on "single  double or triple-step" footwork. The other main style is the more popular street version of the dance. The street version is usually danced with a slightly more grounded posture, often more slotted than the ballroom styles, does not use Latin hip movements, and relies more on a "slow slow" pattern where the ballroom version would use a triple-steps.

....Some of the Bronze level patters :
Basic Step
Open Break
Lady's Underarm Turn
Gentleman's Underarm Turn
Tuck-In with Underarm Turn
Tuck-In with Free Turn
Double Tuck-In

Simple Sugar Push
Turning Sugar Push


....Some of the Silver level patters :
Kick Ball-Change
Shoulder Spin
Toe Heel Spin
Lindy Variations
Promenade Walks
Back to Back Swivel
Swing Hop
Lindy Whip
Swing Slide
Kick Breaks

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