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Look your best on your wedding day, dance to a fancy and easy to learn routine , Impress family and friends!

" Gabba & Kathy " Wedding dance performance  Shanghai, China . 2017-5-20

We offer a complete array of dance-related services for your wedding, including:

• Preparing you and your fiancé  

   for your "first dance" creating a 

   beautiful dance routine

   to the song of your  choice.

• Father/daughter and mother/son

   dance lessons

• Family and bridal party dance


• Professional dance shows for

   your rehearsal dinner or


• Fun and easy dance instruction

   for rehearsal dinner or reception


• Groomsmen/brides maids


• Music consulting and editing of

   your chosen track/s

• Outfit and shoes consulting for

   the best performance of your


Learn Latin & Ballroom dancing today !!